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Dec 28, 2011
"Test tube baby ;-))"
Sep 23, 2011
"Jst got my baseline done and i start stimming tommrow...10units of micro Ovidrial and 225 of Gonal F ...E2 40"
Sep 19, 2011
"I was approved for teh program !!! free meds for my cycle.. and good news is that my doc says the only stim meds i will need is the ones that we'er getting free ( minus the pills we will get later ourselves) =))"
Sep 15, 2011
"I'm currently on BCP and no Lupron this cycle. I start stimming on the 24th and i should be having my retrivial on the 5th"
Mar 29, 2011
"i called yesterday too. But i have to wait because my cycle is not to start until Aug. I have to wait til Jun to apply but she was going to send me a packet before hand"
Mar 27, 2011
"call 1-866-538-7879 and ask for the application for the program"
Mar 27, 2011
"Thanx i plan on calling bright and early in the morning.."
Mar 27, 2011
"Has anyone had any experience using the Fertility LifeLine Compassionate Care Program to pay for fertility meds? Or received free meds with this program? "
Mar 23, 2011
"Has anyone ever bought some discount IVF medications form someone who was doing a cycle and had some leftovers?"