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Jun 05, 2012
"I had a bladder infection about 1 month ago it cleared up.Now I have got symptoms of a bladder infection.Went to my regular doctor on June 4,2012 I do not have a bladder infection but was told I do have all the symptoms of a bladder infe..."
Mar 10, 2011
"Hi, I am having ankle swelling.I need to know why it has been going on for a while.I am on 40mg of lasix and taking potassium how much potassium do I need to take wit 40 mg of lasix.Any help will be appericated"
Mar 25, 2009
"I am very interest in the food tracker"
Oct 29, 2008
"Maybe your doctor has got your on a to strong of dose of prempro.I am taking prempro in a very mild does.He put me on it after after having surgery to remove both ovaries that has cyst."
Oct 27, 2008
"I would like to see a menopause stystom tracker and also a prescripton medication tracker."
Oct 27, 2008
"I had a ovarian cyst on my left ovary it was so pailful that i ended in the ER twice.My OBGYN finally decided to do surgery to remove my left ovary but when he got it there I also has Cysts on my right ovary also.So my OBGYN removed both..."
Oct 24, 2008
"I need to know when you have your ovaries removed will you still have a period.Any help wil be appericated"
Oct 10, 2008
"Set up a pain tracker"
Oct 10, 2008
"I am 44 years Old and just out I have got a Cyst on my Left Ovary.The doctor hope it will just go away on it on.But I have been in Constant Pain for 2 weeks now.I am consider have a hysterectomy.The doctor said my last option is surgey....."
Jul 31, 2008
"This Could be Astma.Ask for A Lun Function Test"