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Jun 05, 2012 in the Urinary Tract Infection Community
I had a bladder infection about 1 month ago it cleared up.Now I have got symptoms of a bladder infection.Went to my regular doctor on June 4,2012 I do not have a bladder infection but was told I do have all the symptoms of a bladder infection.Thanks in advance.any help would be appreciated
Mar 10, 2011 in the Heart Disease Expert Forum - 1
Hi, I am having ankle swelling.I need to know why it has been going on for a while.I am on 40mg of lasix and taking potassium how much potassium do I need to take wit 40 mg of lasix.Any help will be appericated
Mar 25, 2009 in the Improve MedHelp Suggestions Community - 112
I am very interest in the food tracker
Oct 29, 2008 in the Maternal & Child Community - 1
Maybe your doctor has got your on a to strong of dose of prempro.I am taking prempro in a very mild does.He put me on it after after having surgery to remove both ovaries that has cyst.
Oct 27, 2008 in the Improve MedHelp Suggestions Community - 2
I would like to see a menopause stystom tracker and also a prescripton medication tracker.
Oct 27, 2008 in the Ovarian Cysts Community - 2
I had a ovarian cyst on my left ovary it was so pailful that i ended in the ER twice.My OBGYN finally decided to do surgery to remove my left ovary but when he got it there I also has Cysts on my right ovary also.So my OBGYN removed both of my ovaries on October 16,2008.I feel a whole better and I am not in pain any more.I am suppose to go back to my OBGYN on...
Oct 24, 2008 in the Women's Health Community - 2
I need to know when you have your ovaries removed will you still have a period.Any help wil be appericated
Oct 10, 2008 in the Improve MedHelp Suggestions Community - 4
Set up a pain tracker
Oct 10, 2008 in the Hysterectomy Community - 2
I am 44 years Old and just out I have got a Cyst on my Left Ovary.The doctor hope it will just go away on it on.But I have been in Constant Pain for 2 weeks now.I am consider have a hysterectomy.The doctor said my last option is surgey..If any one got any advise I could to making this dedision please reply to me Gay
Jul 31, 2008 in the Asthma Expert Forum - 2
This Could be Astma.Ask for A Lun Function Test