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Jun 16, 2014
"Circumcision would reduce your chances for developing further infections. Having diabetes increases your infection risk, so best to take your physician's advice."
May 02, 2014
"Hi Maddy - Congratulations! With excellent glucose management, you stand a great chance of having a healthy baby. Since both you and the father have type-1 diabetes, the risk of your child developing type-1 at some point in his/he..."
Apr 29, 2014
"A blood glucose of 90 mg/dl is not usually considered to be too high. However, there are certain situations, such as pregnancy, where lower glucose levels are desirable. Best to check with your personal physician."
Apr 07, 2014
"Excellent question. I do a great deal of traveling myself, and have noticed similar patterns. During the descent from a high altitude, the air pressure in the plane increases. This can sometimes cause insulin to contract and produce..."
Apr 07, 2014
"Interesting set of circumstances. It is very likely that you are in a "honeymoon" phase of your diabetes. Often, after starting insulin injections, the pancreas has a "second wind" and produces enough insulin to manage blood sugar leve..."
Mar 30, 2014
"It depends on how the value was obtained. If it was collected in a physician's office, it should be a valid result, and indicates diabetes. If it was not collected under a physician's supervision, best to see your doctor and have the t..."
Mar 13, 2014
"It sounds as though your basal insulin is the source of the problem. Just about everyone requires some "peak and valley" to their basal pattern. In adults, the peak tends to occur in the predawn/early morning hours, and the valley is u..."
Mar 07, 2014
"It would be SOOO nice if diabetes was more of an "exact science"! Food is just one of many things that affect blood sugar levels. Physical activity (or lack of activity), stress, hormone levels, protein/fat content of previous meals, ..."
Feb 23, 2014
"Hi Becky - It can be quite challenging to lose weight while taking enough insulin to control your blood glucose. But here are some ideas that might help. 1) Try to exercise AFTER meals. That way you can reduce your mealtime bolu..."
Feb 16, 2014
"It is very difficult to tell whether the symptoms you're describing are related to or caused in some way by your girlfriend's diabetes. However, as you know, uncontrolled glucose levels can lead to a variety of problems. The nervous sy..."