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Miss Teia was straining to eliminate and vomited 2nd breakfast this morning. Called the vet and was able to get her ...
I second the above impression. We've had girl cats the past 30 odd years and the only young one we had (like your ki...
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My wife and I have had 3 kitties who "came in from the cold" over the years (out if the 11 we have had/have). it is ...
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So good to read that Kitten X is doing so well. :D
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It IS the hardest Act of Love we do for them. My condolences.
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I was a bit misty eyed when I realized what was happening.
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I slept in the recliner chair last night, do that once a week, so Miss Teia would have company. For the first time in...
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Do a web search to see if there is a low cost rescue type clinic in your area. Even a low grade infection, untreated...
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On 21 December, the semi-famous Miss Teia Honey celebrated the end of 18 years on Earth, and the beginning of her 19t...
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Yes, it is a roller coaster. I hope you do have a good Christmas with Adam and your family.
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