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Sep 03, 2013
"I am just looking for any experience or words of wisdom for kind of a 2 part question. I am dealing with a rough time in my life right now & about a month ago was put on Wellbutrin sr 75mg 2x a day. My pcp wanted a med that could help me..."
Aug 19, 2013
"Things started off okay but all the "calmness" he was attempting to keep from getting angry has started to wear off, I think just due to the stuff life with a preschooler throws at you. If that makes sense? Family has irritated him. (his..."
Aug 15, 2013
"A little update: he's coming home tomorrow. I have to go get him in the morning as he's been released. The rehab counselor was supposed to call me the day before his "evaluation" this week and never did. He was supposedly evaluated today..."
Aug 13, 2013
"Thanks again. Its nice to hear words of support when I am so frustrated. I want with all my heart to believe that what he's saying is the truth.... but considering I've now discovered that this has been going on since like day 1 when we ..."
Aug 13, 2013
"Hi all... I am dealing with a rough situation and have been prescribed wellbutrin (immediate release) to kinda "get me through it". My dr chose this med because I have been feeling exhausted and having trouble focusing too. I realize..."
Aug 13, 2013
"You know, I agree, but I can't MAKE them keep him. If they choose to let him go this week, then he will have only had like 2&1/2 weeks there and 1 week in detox. I DONT think its enough. i really don't. I don't want this decision to be s..."
Aug 13, 2013
"Thanks again. I spoke with him last night and earlier today and I feel as if he is "checked out" maybe mentally from the rehab program. He's told me repeatedly that everyone there when he arrived and even some after are gone. (my tho..."
Aug 12, 2013
"Thank you so much. You have no idea how much your post means to me. It really makes me feel much better. The addiction therapist I'm seeing is defnitely focusing on me. He's just not hearing it (yet). The counselor at the rehab didn'..."
Aug 11, 2013
"Thanks for the replies and input. Today seemed to go well. I did take our child... and it was fine. We got there early so he got to play and visit for about 20 mins before my husband and I met with the counselor while my mom in law w..."
Aug 10, 2013
"Thanks for your point of view. I figured I was expecting too much too soon, but really just wanted to see because I haven't dealt with this before. I think what my counselor meant was that yes, while his recovery is going to be hard and ..."