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Jun 22, 2008
"Ok its been about three to four weeks since I got retina surgery reattaching and now all of the sudden my eye like inner of the eye is all red like not red but like a black red sort of? What is this?"
May 30, 2008
"I just got back from the doctor again and the pressure is great and a recovery is on its way. I can finally take a shower now and no I dont have to face down lie. (They put in a Silicon oil). That is what brought up my pressure. Y..."
May 29, 2008
"yep its back to normal with the pressure. I still have to go back tommorrow for a check up. Yea still have to take drops though which stinks because it burns Hey how can you get all that sleepy dirt off your eye? The doctors dont r..."
May 28, 2008
"oh yea they gave me lots of drops, inflammation which by the way stings like crazy and also alot more to help get my pressure down. Just went in to check my pressure it is good it went down 10 pts. in under an hour, wow. So now I can relax"
May 28, 2008
"I just got back on a long day in the doctors office, follwing my surgery. This is because of the pressure and they said it was high. If isnt down by tommorrow I have to go to surgery again and they said they will take out some of the oil..."
May 27, 2008
"it was kind of like that for me everything was fine, until a little later. Doctor says that is typical, not to notice it really quick on children or young adults."
May 27, 2008
"Surgery was a succes didnt not feel pain afterward which is wierd, must be the meds. Go back tommorrow for a checkup."
May 25, 2008
"I play baseball for the high school, and I just came out up with a question. Will I be able to play baseball again, and yes I am wearing googles for the rest of my life for the protection if so?"
May 24, 2008
"What he told me was that I have a detached retina and also said for about 3-4weeks he said that could of been detached. He said for younger adults, like myself, don't catch this because it comes on a later age. Trama accident to, whi..."
May 23, 2008
"Yes I am 15 years old and I am getting nervous, I have surgery on Tuesday. This is my first surgery in my life. I have a retinal detachment and hopefully if anyone knows when will I get my vision back after surgery?"