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Aug 05, 2011
"I was stuck with a needle several years ago. Subsequently contacted HEP C and HIV. Since that time I have been on labor and industries and social security disability. Currently my life s ok but i am unable to function at a 100%. If ..."
Jul 09, 2011
"I am not a doctor but am a psychiatric nurse for 20 years. The underlying diagnosis is not as important as getting the help you need. I believe it is really important to see a psychiatrist. There are tests that can be done to help wit..."
Jun 09, 2011
"Some people may say you are not at risk. My thought is you are in doubt and feel uncomfortable then you may want to consider being checked. Checking with you local health dept may help you better understand the likeliness of exposure. ..."
Jun 06, 2011
"Some women will actually never have a positive urine pregnancy test. I would wait a couple more weeks then try again. If it continues to be negative then an appt with you physician may be indicated."
Jun 06, 2011
""move on" "We really don't care what you think." 1.Are you kicking me out of this group and the option to voice my responses to questions? 2. What is wrong with me voicing my input. I did not try to act or sound like I know it all..."
Jun 05, 2011
"I will not pretend to be an expert nor am I very impressed with some of the responses I received here from the HIV Prevention. If you have any doubts or concerns I would go to your county health department and speak to a nurse there. F..."
Jun 02, 2011
"I am feeling so stressed due to what has happened the last 3 years. I will try to sum this up ad hope someone can give me some words of encouragement. About 3 years ago I was stuck with a needle artwork and subsequently acquired Hep C ..."
Jun 02, 2011
"Recovery from a stroke is very individualized. A persons own desire to get better and the support he receives will all have an affect on his recovery. I did not have a stroke but did have nerve damage to my spine. i was told i would ..."
Oct 21, 2010
"Can Hep C or HIV virus attack other parts of body? How likely is it and where can I find information on it."
Jul 28, 2010
"Thank you for your responses. Yes I am HIV + but do not have AIDS,yet. I also am Hep C positive and sometimes just feel overwhelmed. I will check out the grou already in operation."