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Jun 20, 2014 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 2
Hello, With story recall tests, it can be hard to distinguish why the child had trouble. It can be due to a number of factors such as distractability, slow processing speed, trouble with working memory,or language comprehension/expression issues. The 16th percentile looks terribly low, but it is actually within normal limits (it is the lower bound of the Av...
Jun 16, 2014 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 6
Hi Jake, it is certainly possible to have dyslexia at any age. Many bright people find ways to compensate, so it is always hard to say when and to what extent dyslexia will impact people's achievement. For some it is a major obstacle and for some it is more of an ongoing annoyance. The way to learn if you are actually dyslexic is to arrange for psych...
May 21, 2014 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 1
Hello Kaka, This sounds dreadful, and I hope your doctors can determine how to help you soon. I can not speak to the issues around Hep B, as I am a psychologist. I do know that you won't get a virus from laundry detergent ingestion, but this is certainly a potentially dangerous thing to do if the detergent contains toxic additives. Heb B is spread thro...
Mar 25, 2014 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 2
Hello, A neurologist is probably not going to be your best bet unless you have had significant head injuries (those with loss of consciousness or symptoms such as vomiting, blurred vision, and disorientation), or suspected seizures. Brain scans are very useful for finding organic conditions like tumors or lesions, but are not as useful for making diagnoses ...
Feb 18, 2014 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 3
Hello, Lying is a fairly common behavior in young children. Typically, children lie to avoid disappointing adults or to avoid punishment. Sometimes there will be lying for attention or to try to get some extra TLC from adults. In your daughter's case, however, it does sound like her behavior is beyond the sorts of typical lies children tell. It is possib...
Oct 13, 2013 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 2
Hello Sara, I've always heard that physicians have to have OCD and ADHD to survive your training! As a non-prescriber, I can provide some education about medications but not specific treatment advice. Given that you are more complex than is probably a good fit for your PCP, I would recommend you consult a psychiatrist. I know a lot of individuals who ...
Oct 10, 2013 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 1
Hello, Since I do not know what measures your psychologist used or what the scores were, its hard for me to say much about what the results will mean for you and your child. It is the responsibility of your psychologist to help you understand your child's needs and what you should do to help him or her. From what your question says, it sounds like you ...
Sep 17, 2013 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 1
Hello, you should visit your primary care physician as soon as you can. The symptoms you are describing could be something serious and its important to get any medical cause identified quickly. Good luck! Rebecca Resnik Disclaimer: The information in this post is intended for educational purposes only. It is never intended to replace face to face medical...
Sep 10, 2013 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 2
Hey there-- I don't blame you for being worried about this, it sounds like a real problem. There's several things that could be going on. One possibility is that you have developed an anxiety related stutter or temporary tic. It could also be that anxiety is making it hard to concentrate and express your thoughts. Being 14 is quite stressful--its a...
Jul 27, 2013 in the Learning Disabilities Expert Forum - 3
Dyslexia can be diagnosed by a psychologist, school psychologist or doctor of education. Testing should include measures to assess IQ, attention, language, memory, letter recognition, phonological processing, site word, decoding, and comprehension. I have articles posted if you click my medhelp profile on how to 'shop' for a quality evaluation. Most...