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Jul 07, 2013
"They do not call on a regular basis. Not even to wish a happy birthday. "
Jul 07, 2013
"After 14 years I would just like one thank you, just once, from his kids. "
Jul 03, 2013
"You're right, this isn't new. But I really hoped that our getting married would somehow cement our commitment to each other. Quite honestly this has been a miserable year, with things getting worse rather than better. This is my ..."
Jul 02, 2013
"Thank you very much. Every little bit of insight helps."
Jul 02, 2013
"To share the prep, shopping or cooking would be great. But my husband doesn't do that. I was raised, too, to bring a dish even if not asked, and bring my own drinks and/or the host's favorite. But my husband says I can't push my st..."
Jul 02, 2013
"His family is important to him, as is mine. But it is hard for me because his kids use him. We have paid appx. $2000 in jail fines for one of his boys and purchased a car for him to get him started in the right direction. We paid $3..."
Jul 02, 2013
"We are in our 60’s, got married last year after living together 13 years, have no children together, and the four we do have are all adults and married/in relationships. Father’s Day has always been low key since our own father’s passe..."
Jun 13, 2013
"Thank you so much."
Jun 12, 2013
"My FT4 range is .75 - 1.46, I see the nuclear doctor at the hospital for annual follow-ups in my case - no endo in my area and my GP will not get involved and even do labs. The nuclear dr. does not test for FT3, just FT4 and TSH, and..."
Jun 11, 2013
"I am 60 year old female and had a TT in 2008 after being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. I went through I-131 ablation in 2008 and have had my Synthroid dose adjusted since surgery; my current TSH is .142 and Free T4 1.40. ..."