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Aug 17, 2012
"Does he have narcolepsy with cataplexy? Or is it without cataplexy? Xyrem is a drug approved for treating narcolepsy with cataplexy, and it's taken at night in two separate doses. It combats one of the most important symptom of narcol..."
Aug 05, 2012
"I have this! Only with certain teeth, however (like my canines). It's very annoying and my dentist said it's likely from over-brushing. I didn't question him much about it, and I'm trying to brush more gently, although it's interesting t..."
Jul 06, 2012
"I had three regular sleep studies with nap studies, and it wasn't until the third one that it was revealed I had narcolepsy. You never know what could happen! I hope for your sake you don't have narcolepsy, but sleep specialists are t..."
Jun 29, 2012
"Ok, so your right lobe is larger than your left lobe, and both have a non-homogenous surface texture (this is usually seen in Hashimoto's disease, which is autoimmune hypothyroidism). The isthmus is just the center portion of your thyroi..."
Jun 28, 2012
"No problem, I'm glad you were able to treat the problem! Sinus infections are nothing to scoff at, especially if they originated from a bacterial infection of the mouth, so it's important you took care of it immediately. Any facial pa..."
Jun 28, 2012
"While I don't want to draw conclusions based upon...nothing...but I'm guessing they're referring you to a surgeon within a reasonable time period because from a clinical standpoint, your nodule really needs to be biopsied. Whether this b..."
Jun 27, 2012
"That is really strange. So long as you have no other symptoms, I think it's safe to say it's probably associated with narcolepsy. The only way to be sure is to have it checked out by a neurologist. They could order an EMG to evaluate ner..."
Jun 21, 2012
"You're welcome! The radioactive iodine uptake scan won't conclusively reveal if it's benign or malignant; you'll need an ultrasound-guided FNA biopsy for that, which will take a small sample of the mass and allow a pathologist to view..."
Jun 21, 2012
"This sounds like some kind of infection, such as the flu, based upon your symptoms and the sudden onset--especially the headache and nausea. It could even be a mild case of food poisoning, although this typically wouldn't cause muscle ac..."
Jun 21, 2012
"Ah, if your symptoms are occurring only when you laugh, it's possible your cataplexy is just worsening. Narcolepsy is a progressive disease, meaning it worsens with age, although some narcoleptics have reported feeling better once they h..."