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Dec 13, 2014
"Over the last few years I have experienced the following episode during the night. Approximately 2am I awake feeling extremely cold and unable to get warm, my teeth chatter and my muscles are jumping uncontrollably. I have an urge to ..."
Jul 20, 2014
"I do have an aftercare program in place, as well as NA groups that I attend. Even with all the support I have It's like I still wanna go back... I don't get it. Seems like life gets stressful and I need a way to unwind with nothing that ..."
Jul 06, 2014
"I am 45 Days off Opiates and still find myself obsessively thinking on going back to them. I wonder if anyone with a good bit of clean time from opiates can tell me how long it was till you found yourself not thinking about them every si..."
May 28, 2014
"Well here I am... Back at square one with this Devil named Oxy! Such a strong hold this has had on me. I guess I thought that back in January I would Detox at home and defeat this on my own, but I was wrong. Went back to find them on the..."
Apr 13, 2014
"How are things going for you now? Did you make it?"
Jan 12, 2014
"Wow... All of these stories I am reading about Suboxone withdrawals make my Percocet Detox seem like a walk in the park. I am rooting for you here. I know what it's like being in business, being depended upon, and having multiple priorit..."
Jan 12, 2014
"I will certainly try to be patient. I feel like my personality went on vacation somewhere and now I'm just a shell... That probably sounds strange. I am trying to just spend time with my family and keep my mind off of the negatives. "
Jan 12, 2014
"I know I have to get back into my routine and that it will be good for me. "
Jan 12, 2014
"Thanks a million for the encouraging words! I needed that today :)"
Jan 12, 2014
"I am on my 6th day with no pills! Feeling like I am through the physical part of my withrawal but still dealing with the mental and emotional strains. Having some real anxiety about getting back to work tomorrow... I can tell I look depr..."