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Jan 09, 2012
"I have Hereditary Corproporphyria, which is very similar to AIP and have acute attacks as well. I am also symptomatic when I am not having an attack and it rendered me unable to work. I would love to compare notes or share information. T..."
Jan 09, 2012
"Thank you very much for taking time respond. I had not heard about the beta-carotene supplements or choroquine. I will try them. I try to keep hydrated, but chronic nausea/vomiting thus leaves me chronically dehydrated, in which I receiv..."
Jan 01, 2012
"Is anyone out there dealing with one of the forms of porphyria. I have Hereditary Corporporphyria and am almost always symptomatic, with sporadic sever attacks that cause seizures (along with a host of other fun symptoms) and land me in ..."
May 19, 2010
"Hi there, Sorry you are having such severe pain. Does the pain feel at all like nerve pain? Like very sharp and stabbing? Does it ever travel down your inner thigh toward your knee? Also, is it intermittent or constant and worsen with c..."
Jun 02, 2009
"Hi Dina, Thanks for your post. I just realized, after reading this, that I experience the same thing. For example, today I have the shooting pain, my upper abdomen is bloated, and my BP was pretty high at the doctor today. I have neve..."
Mar 22, 2009
"Hi Michelle, Glad you got on an AD. I think you will start to feel better soon, although I don' t know much about the one you are taking. Check your company's and state's FMLA in NV they don't have you pay you while y..."
Feb 06, 2009
"Hi all, I had had pelvic and abdominal scan in Dec that revealed inflammation or tumor in my right groin. Since then, my left groin area has be come painful and I can feel a grape sized knot. I had my doc check it out. I also have extr..."
Jan 31, 2009
"I am about 2/3 through TX and have eye issue from the get go. Extreme sensitivity to light, TV light, even too much of a computer monitor causes me pain. I started to notice some real vision changes around week 19, turn out it was just e..."
Oct 09, 2008
"Wow...this is the first I have seen on near seizures/tremors, and early Parkinson's. I just saw my doc today about similar problems (severe limb, torso, and head jerking) along with other neuro symptoms. I have been trying to determine i..."
Oct 09, 2008
"Hi there Scruples, Interesting...I would like to know what you find out. My ALT went from 42 (week 9) to 58 in week 12. Both are nominal compared to where I started, but it does seem odd. My Viral Load went down from 3.6 million to 252..."