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Jun 06, 2009
"I saw demons and had similar night terrors while on Vicodin. Totally terrifying. It's the only pill I ever flushed down the toliet willingly and with relief. I always say, "Satanic" when describing Vicodin. The ativan is a Benzo as..."
Aug 08, 2008
"Eagle you're cracking me up! :) Em"
Aug 08, 2008
"It doesn't sound like you are abusing the meds to me. The surgeon wants you o see a pain specialist so that the burden of giving you pain meds is on that doctor and not him. That is all that means. The pain specialist probably won't have..."
Aug 08, 2008
"No! Please. Don't take Tramadol or Ultram. It's a synethic opiate with a side dish of very old antidepressant in it. Which is why it makes some people suididal. It's two synethic drugs together. I'm on Day 49 off it and it was harder..."
Aug 06, 2008
"I have read that the anxiety peeaks at 30, 60 and 90 days from opiate withdrawal. Are you treating yourself for PAWS with aminos and taking vitamins? I never did the opiates you did, I was on tramadol, and 48 days off it, I have anxiety...."
Aug 05, 2008
"The Tramadol is probably what is making you want to die. It's a horrible withdrawal. I will say that although I don't have your condition, I have two herniated discs and nerve damage into my right leg. I am now 47 days off Tramadol. It d..."
Aug 03, 2008
"Hulsey82, I was on it for 5 years, not as high a dose, but it's about 4 days of tough withdrawal. Like the worst flu you have ever had. The Thomas (not Thompson) Detox is called The Thomas Recipe here. You can find it on the right han..."
Jul 24, 2008
"I am so happy to see someone successful! Way to go! Good for you! I'm 34 days out and getting there. Every day gets better. Knowing some people make it; Really really helps, so thank you! Love and healing, Emily"
Jul 24, 2008
"I am sorry for your pain, disappointment and loss. I know it hurts to be betrayed because of drugs. I had a wise GF who said to me once, over a guy I loved, who was similar to your GF. She said, "You'll never be as important to him as..."
Jul 17, 2008
"Yes, it causes dependence at that dose for that long. If you taper, it will be easier. But the question is, are you sure you want to taper? If you tried 15 different drugs and this one is working ... why do you want to stop taking them? ..."