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Jul 09, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 15
I hope I'm not coming off in any disrespectful way... Because I truly want whats best for your son. I just know if the tables had been turned and our Birth parents were thinking of changing their minds and an adoptive parent out their could be my voice I would have appreciated that.
Jul 09, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 15
I understand you want your son back, I'm 100% sure ever birth mother feels this way. After our birth mom signed over her rights it took her a while to come to terms with everything and feel like she did the best thing for him, and I pray this is how you will feel when everything has been completed. If the adoption is open you'll be able to see him g...
Jul 07, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 15
My son is adopted and it''s open.. the birth parents had two weeks due to a situation to change their mind, it was the scariest time in my whole life because he was and is my son from the moment I knew I would have him. If they would have changed their mind and taken him back my whole entire world would have shattered.. I would have gone home to a...
Jun 25, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 5
How long ago was your daughter adopted ? Did you and the adoptive parents form a "bond" while you were pregnant? And have you tried contacting them? At a legal stand point, open adoption is based on a faith system it's not legally binding. There's several different forms of open adoption.. Example where you receive pictures and updates,...
Jun 11, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 4
Good Luck to you . I'm an adoptive mother and we have an open adoption with the birth parents. Any questions please feel free!
May 20, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 9
Good luck to you! My son is adopted he'll be 2 in July!! CONGRATULATIONS
Apr 24, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 6
Good luck to you! After our home study we were a nervous wreck lol. Fortunately we didn't have to wait do to having our adoption private bmom was about 7 months prego when ours was done. But a friend of mine I believe waited around a year after her home study was complete. Heres To a quick process for you! Any questions please ask!!
Apr 11, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 11
I'm an adoptive mother with an open adoption with the birth parents. I know when my son was born the Bmom felt the same way you did and kept him with her until discharge I was there as well as I stayed inthe hospital with her.. I heard her cry inthe middle of the night as she held him and it broke my heart and it made me worried she would keep him.. but ...
Mar 20, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 10
I can only begin to imagine how you must feel and what you're emotionally and physically going through. I'm very proud of you for not aborting her and giving her a chance to live a happy full life! Please if you have ANY questions or concerns I"m here
Feb 24, 2014 in the Adoption Community - 3
Also if you've found a couple who is going to adopt, they'll be legally responsible to provide a lawyer and social worker for you to help you through your side of the proceedings, so once the adoptive parents have done so you will be able to go over all of this with your lawyer.