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Apr 05, 2015
" The potential of a prostate or kidney concern affecting bleeding in the rectal area could be one cause and that would need follow up. It would be best to make an appointment with a doctor or urologist as soon as possible."
Apr 03, 2015
" This can be a potential side effect of this class of medication (anti-cholinergics). There are other available options if this causes too many side effects and if this doesn't improve over time you can ask your psychiatrist about them."
Mar 24, 2015
" At this point he might need a home attendant for assistance. It would be worthwhile to apply for that and also see if any insurance coverage would cover that option for him."
Mar 23, 2015
" There are a variety of causes of a person being unable to sweat: The link describes the clinical name for it and some of the potential causes. The b..."
Mar 23, 2015
" The best thing to do would be to have a doctor check this out as it could indicate the potential of an infection."
Mar 15, 2015
" Diflucan can cause skin rashes as a side effect. However it also has the potential to cause Steven's Johnson Syndrome which is a rare allergic reaction that is a severe skin rash as an adverse side effect. Therefore it would be importan..."
Mar 15, 2015
" It might be of help to see if you can appeal the coverage denials for the pain management specialist. Exploring other insurance options might be helpful as well. Also perhaps an agency that would deal with her condition might be able t..."
Mar 13, 2015
" It would be worthwhile to follow up by seeing a doctor as it could potentially have gotten infected. They would be able to treat it and determine proper follow up."
Mar 09, 2015
" It would be best to wait as all medications take some time to build up to a proper blood level. Side effects are generally at their worst at the beginning and then improve over time. You can ask your psychiatrist about the clinical s..."
Feb 26, 2015
"Has anyone tried this technique? Has this been of help? What are some specific examples that worked for you? For example I am now just about to leave to have 4 wisdom teeth extracted under general anesthesia (I am following up with my ..."