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Jun 21, 2014
"The wise thing to do here would be to see a doctor. This is probably not cancer but that is too important just to leave to chance."
Jun 20, 2014
"This is probably a small sebaceous cyst because they are very common on scrotum and penis. You are making it worse by "popping" it. Even if its not a cyst squeezing it is only going to make matters worse and cause infection. Now you may ..."
Jun 16, 2014
"You have given yourself an infection by puncturing a small sebaceous cyst on your scrotum. These cysts are VERY common and should be left alone. Now you will need to bath the area in warm water. But you will almost certainly also need to..."
Jun 16, 2014
"Hi there. What you are describing here is called delayed ejaculation or ejaculatory incompetence. It is sometimes caused or made worse by certain drugs or medications. It is not related to masturbation history other than to prone or face..."
Jun 15, 2014
"You need to stop torturing yourself about masturbation. You have been brainwashed into believing that it is bad for you when it is no such thing. When you understand and accept this you will immediately start to feel a lot better."
Jun 08, 2014
"This is probably a vaginitis unrelated to your abortion. If there is any itchiness then thrush infection is likely; if not then maybe mild bacterial infection. Watch it for a few days. If it does not go away you may need to see a doctor. "
Jun 06, 2014
"I'm sorry but I do not know what the answer here may be. I presume that you do not have an arousal issue or that you are peri-menopausal. If these do not apply then you may need to see your GYN again"
Jun 06, 2014
"Ureaplasma urealyticum is not an infection. It is part of the normal healthy flora of male and female genital tracts. It is a healthy bug protecting you. It is not a disease bug. Reading through your question I do not think that you have..."
Jun 05, 2014
"You may just have performance anxiety. Please read this and follow it if you can: You may be describing a type of Performance Anxiety Erectile Dysfunction. This can develop overnight. It is very easily fixed. This can be done usually, t..."
Jun 03, 2014
"Anorgasmia with a partner in an otherwise orgasmic woman is not all that unusual. You may need to masturbate while having intercourse. Experiment whit all sorts of positions and stimulation. Keep the dialogue going between you and you wi..."