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Jan 17, 2010
"im in remission from follicular non hodgkins lymphma.i had six rounds of chemo starting in Jan.2008.lately I've been under alot of emotional stress. can being under so much stress bring back my cancer? my last cat scan showed some nodule..."
Sep 22, 2009
"Thank you for answering my questions. I have Idolent lymphoma that got agressive thats why I was treated with chemo and rituxan now Im on maintenance rituxan.The nodual was there before chemo went away after treatment now it's back even ..."
Sep 18, 2009
"Im im remission from follicular non-hodgkins lymphoma.Iwas treated with CHOP and Rituxin from Jan.08-May 08.I recently had a CAT scan that stated - mildly prominent mediastinal lymph nodes,stable nodule in the left upper quadrant,slighty..."
May 17, 2009
"Thank you for answering my question.Sometimes I worry more than I should since I was diag.with lymphoma and trying to get back to normal after chemo.I guess I'll just keep an eye on things and pray that I sstay healthy. Thanks and God b..."
May 15, 2009
"I had some vaginal spotting spotting off and on after going thur menapause six years ago.I went to gyn and had an internal and external ultra sound and biopsie eyerything came back normal.He said to come back if spotting continues and he..."
Apr 10, 2009
"Im a 52 year old was diagnoised with endometriosis when I was 22. My last period was 6 years ago. Two weeks ago I started spotting ,it lasted 7 days. I have pain on my left side since this started. I cant get an appt. with my gyn until a..."
Apr 10, 2009
"My last period was six years ago. I started light bleeding about two weeks ago. It lasted about a week and been spotting off and on since. I had endometriosis but was able to have children. Im 52 and in remission from lymphoma. I cant se..."
Mar 17, 2009
"Im a 52 years old and my last period six years ago. I went to the bathroom today and I had blood on my tissue. I had my Pap smear in Sept. 2008 and everything was fine. Im having some pain on my left side by my ovary. I suffered from end..."
Mar 11, 2009
"I have follicular non hodgkins lymphoma. I was treated with chop and rituxan from Jan.08 until May 08.Im receiving rituxan every 6 mo. for 2 years. I will have my 2nd series in may09. Im having nights where i wake up sweaty and hot. Im n..."
Mar 03, 2009
"Has anyone tried or currently use Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia. My primary care Dr. wants me to try it for my pain. I have glaucoma, it's under controlled but im still afraid to take it because of the side affects. Im in so much pain most o..."