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Jul 18, 2012
"Should all restricted chemicals (Class A, Schedule I), be declassified and dispensed via normal prescribing methods to help not only addicted people in the communities in which they live, but anyone in need of these chemicals under medic..."
Jul 18, 2012
"Hi there, i am male and too aged 37. Sometimes when i am lying in bed trying to go to sleep, i feel my entire body shaking, but when i outstretch my fingers they are dead still. I did find some information about it, however it was ver..."
Jul 18, 2012
"Hi i have been told by my GP and other medical proffessionals that i have nerve pain in my lower legs, (beneath the knee and above the ankles in exactly the same place in both legs. Although no thorough tests have been performed to prove..."
May 25, 2011
"Pills have been a problem for me for years, a long time. i used to buy them off the streets, which can wipe out your account in a day. Then when things were really bad recently i told my gp everything. she was very understanding and gave..."
Oct 14, 2009
"Someone please help i'm going through crack cocaine withdrawals and am suffering-anxiety, sweats, bad shakes etc and other stuff I can't even think straight anymore. I've tried going out keeping busy doing things its not helping the crav..."
Oct 09, 2009
"For the past couple of nights i've been waking up but not able to move. This doesn't happen in the middle of my sleep but at the very start I will be just dropping off to sleep when all of a sudden I will try to wake up and not be able t..."
Aug 14, 2009
"Depressive illness is associated with feelings of dysphoria (opposite of euphoria) and feelings of not wanting to partake in activities that you once found enjoyable and rewarding. Also sufferers can have thoughts of suicide and harming ..."
Sep 08, 2008
"Thanks for you comments, i didn't realise that the sypmtoms cover a few diagnoses, but as the diagnosis for pleurisy was treated and was several months ago and things have cleared up, i do sometimes still get pains in my back and have be..."
Sep 08, 2008
"I used morphine sulphate for pain relief but i was already addicted to Df118's so it was just a step up for me but if ya take it for more than a few days at a time depending on dose you will become addicted to it and will need to taper o..."
Sep 04, 2008
"Has anyone else suffered with pleurisy or is suffering with it. I was diagnosed with it 2-3 months ago, i was struggling with breathing (wheezing, breathlessness and the like), with sharp stabbing pains in my back on both sides just b..."