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Jun 22, 2013
" Please add my prayers and wishes to the list of people praying for Cree. I am so pleased to hear she's getting the help she needs finally where and when she needs it the most. We all fight the same battle and I feel we are the pionee..."
Apr 30, 2013
"My 3yr. old Chiahuahua/Pug mix has issues with the nerves in his back being at times hyper sensitive to the touch, most especially toward the base of his tail. I know somethings isn't right but the vet was no help, as yet. I changed his ..."
Apr 26, 2013
" Well until someone comes along that does know, I would call poison !and explain and ask them what to do, not wait on here. If they don't give you some FAST answers take him to an emergency clinic FAST so that you do not lose him. Good l..."
Apr 26, 2013
" I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved fur baby! I can't say what happened but to guess I might say something in the bowel area because of all the blood, she was a very sick girl and not in pain now. If you did all you could do and..."
Apr 24, 2013
" Count me in on the revolution, and down with HCC. Up with your warrior spirit, and unbendable unbreakable courage and undying hope. You have given so selflessly to others it's an unbelieveable concept that you could not catch a break fo..."
Apr 02, 2013
" I can only image how scary this is for you, I hope that you take it as hitting bottom and getting help now. Doctors and pharmacists are on high alert when it comes to opiate abuse and fraud right now from the federal gov. They have bee..."
Feb 25, 2013
"I hope you are on your way to the hospital and can't answer this but how many were you taking a day? We don't want you to have a seizure. Be honest with them and they will help. You will get through this and find a better way to live. Oh..."
Feb 18, 2013
" I feel for you! Documentation is everything when it comes to these cases. I know its more work for you, but you must write down everytime they cross the line in any way. Bothering the kids, write it down, date, where when how who and wh..."
Feb 12, 2013
" How long have you had this addiction for dirt? Do you consume the dirt?"
Feb 12, 2013
"I bought a Nook e-reader and couldn't wait to read but I can't obtain a wi-fi connection with it, so now what? I know that others have had the same problem oes it mean that no e-reader will work here? We have cable here and two laptops w..."