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Sep 23, 2010
"Clomid caused me to have an Ectopic Pregnancy (Tubal) :( It was very scary!"
Dec 21, 2009
"I Love Kieran!!! Kieran David does flow much better. "
Dec 14, 2009
"Cramping at 9 weeks is very normal. I had all kinds of cramping and it scared the crap out of me. As long as your are not bleeding or having severe pain (like can't move or stand), you are fine. I am currently 22 weeks and have had 2 mis..."
Dec 10, 2009
"TEAM PINK!!!! YAY!!!! 10 Blue 10 Pink All tied up again!!"
Nov 24, 2009
"I like Brittany Nicole or Brittan Renee"
Nov 19, 2009
"My Due Date Got Changed to April 21st........ YAY 1 week closer :)"
Nov 02, 2009
"I have a feeling I'm having a girl. I am 16 weeks and will get an ultrasound on Wednesday. I am hoping to find out for sure what I'm having :) Congrats to everyone!"
Nov 02, 2009
"Do not trust the intelligender test. My good friend took it at 16 weeks and it told her she was having a girl. She got herself excited for a girl until she was 20 weeks and had her growth scan ultrasound and it confirmed it was a boy. T..."
Oct 16, 2009
"I was told at my u/s sound to cough to get the baby to move. They wanted the baby's chin to come off its chest so they could get an accurate measurement of the fold in the back of the babys neck for the sequential screening (testing for ..."
Sep 24, 2009
"April 28th :) So Excited!"