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Mar 11, 2010
"This is strange. I wonder if you have an STD. Did he check?"
Jan 19, 2009
"possible explanations of blood in urine: S H I T: Stones Hemaglobinopathy (Sickle Cell) Infection Trauma, TB, Tumor Bleeding demands a trip to see the urologist. THis is possibly nothing but possibly it is very serious. "
Nov 11, 2008
"As noted above: lots of things can cause the symptoms you describe. Please go see a doctor. "
Nov 11, 2008
"A terrific review just came out in the journal Urology showing that the scientific evidence for prostate massage in prostatitis is at best very week. As for massage for prostate enlargement ... not a shred of evidence as far as I know."
Nov 11, 2008
"Good question. First we have to define "prostate function." The simple fact is that we do not really understand why we have a prostate. There are reasonable assumptions that it has to do with fertility. I say assumptions because such ass..."