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Nov 18, 2009 in the Hepatitis Social Community - 25
I am now at one year post treatment. In my case, I started the treatment in stage 4 HepC, meaning I already had cirrhosis. I had also had the virus in my body, the specialist said, for 30+ years, and in that time a lot of damages had been done. I did not respond to the treatment, they pulled me off at 14 weeks. My viral load started at 5 million and went ...
Nov 14, 2009 in the Hepatitis Social Community - 29
I laughed, I cried, I was confused and read all the posts. I agree, disagree,and am confused again! LOL...I have done tons of research and to my understanding and from what I have read...there is no cure....the treatment, which I have went through, is not a promise that the virus will be stopped. At this point in time, it is still in the experimental stage...
Oct 12, 2009 in the Liver Transplant Expert Forum - 3
Thank you for your answer. Since I am in stage 4 hepC and have no money, I am willing to volunteer for any such research program. Would you have any idea where to go next? I have been following a diet to keep myself stable, but I still face liver failure and am willing to donate the time I have left to help others.
Oct 11, 2009 in the Liver Disorders Community - 1
I found the same problem myself when I first came here and didn't come back for some time. I was mad, scared, wanted solid advice or just a way to deal with all that was happening to me. The doctors all have different ideas and the doctor who told me I had HepC...genotype 1b......when I asked him what all this means...he told his nurse to tell me to lo...
Oct 11, 2009 in the Liver Transplant Expert Forum - 3
I have heard that there are places in California where they are working with stem cells. I saw that there was good results in horses....I would like to be a human volunteer. How could I go about this? Some of us donot have years to wait.
Oct 11, 2009 in the Hepatitis C Community - 17
My mental health doctor has been researching this for me. From what we have found out so far, they have sucessfully used stem cells from horses (their own), and injected it back into the horse and the stem cells seem to know where to go and what to fix. In the cases presented it was their legs. It is healing leg injuries! Usually, in horses, having leg in...
Oct 09, 2009 in the Hepatitis Social Community - 2
Is there a place here to just drop by, say hi, give hugs and touch bases with everyone??? I just want to say Good Morning and to thank everyone who became my friend. This makes me feel not so alone in this walk. I hope to be here for anyone who needs me and am looking forward to sharing...knowledge, support, and friendship. Hugs to all Kat
Oct 08, 2009 in the Hepatitis C Community - 18
I am also in stage others have said NO ALCOHOL!! I am lactose intolenent due to this condition, so I eat living yogurt added with fresh fruits. Watch your protein counts and iron....your liver has trouble now....nothing canned, no preservatives. If you want I have somewhere a diet that was given to me. I do cheat once a week...picking the food o...
Oct 08, 2009 in the Hepatitis Social Community - 3
May I add friends from here? Also, looking for anything regarding stem cell research to grow a new liver and any research that treats HepC, stage 4 Thanks Kat
Oct 08, 2009 in the Hepatitis C Community - 1
I am in stage 4 hep C...went through treatment for 4 months and now have other health issues...viral load is high. What I am interested in is stem cell reasearch. And also, any reasearch treatments for me. I live in Reno, Nevada.