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May 13, 2014
"I just wanted to know is it OK to take cleansing pills (the cleaner 7 day women's formula) while on bentyl 10 mg? The bentyl 10 mg was prescribed by my physician. I'm trying to get in contact with her but it seems she's busy so I just wa..."
Apr 24, 2014
"Sorry for the last response I need to check this site more. Unfortunately I didn't notice much of a difference when taking the oil of oregano or bragg apple cider vinegar . Its weird because I had been showing signs of parasites like thi..."
Jan 20, 2014
"I recently found out about this product called odafree. Has anyone tried it or is it just a scam? "
Jan 20, 2014
"Well I messed up this question that's what I get for rushing I'll re-post."
Jan 20, 2014
"I just recently heard of or tried this product called odafree or is it just a scam?"
Jan 03, 2014
"Ok thanks. Do you know which brand of probiotics work best for this problem? I have an order of ez-biotics coming in the mail that I'm going to try. There are just so many probiotics brands."
Dec 27, 2013
"In your experience, which product helps get rid of excessive flatulence the best? "
Dec 27, 2013
"Ok thanks"
Dec 17, 2013
"Thanks so much for all the advice!"
Dec 03, 2013
"Does anyone know if Coventry Cares of Michigan (Medicaid) cover gastroenterologist visits?"