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Feb 11
"Hi. This forum just went through a major overhaul. Sorry. If you're sucicidal that's no good. That may mean you have to go in patient. But once in hospital a pdoc can give you some tests and see if you're bipolar. "
Feb 06
"I'm glad you found a new pdoc. See if you can get a Psycologist too. Pura Vida from Costa Rica! "
Feb 05
"Ok thanks"
Feb 04
"I used to be high sexed. Now I'm dead. I take Effexor. Could that be the culprit ?"
Jan 30
"Hi. How long is your pain med regiment due to last. Sometimes you'll need to wean off. Taper down till your free of those drugs. Maybe if you and your prescribing Dr have a plan, and then you write it all down, your Pdoc will understa..."
Jan 29
"Hi. Last year I had a lot of experience with ECT. My last treatment was Nov 2015. I'm still suffering major memory gaps. Blocks of time completely wiped out. Plus my regular doctor said I have borderline high blood pressure now...."
Jan 22
"I couldn't tolerate lithium. One girl in my support group has bad hand tremors. I took Lamictal for a while. Now I'm on Ativan, Effexor and at night 100 mg Seraquel and Temazepam. "
Jan 22
"I've been on a Seraquel for a long time. Your dose is so low you probably won't notice any side effects. It works good for sleep. Can make you hungry, so watch out for that. "
Jan 18
"Hi. I'm on 4 meds per day. It's known as a med cocktail. Because bipolar is a chemical imbalance a lot of people need more than one med. It's a trail and error. Or sometimes you may have to switch meds because of a med burn out. "
Jan 14
"I wonder why petting the cat is more fun for me than the dog?"