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Apr 21
"SZ is a form of permanent psychosis it can treated but pills are a must in life to combat this illness this is the worst mental disorder in the universe you may have to cut your losses and keep supporting him any way you can he can post ..."
Apr 18
"also meds are for life long commitment :( "
Apr 18
"delusions of my consist of actually believing others can hear what Im thinking Schizophrenia is a form of permanent psychosis like not being able to tell what is real or not voices and seeing things some like me have permanent side effec..."
Apr 17
"are you on meds? I hear three voices that have conversations with each other my tongue moves on its own my lips move my cheek has movement to my left knee permanent side effects.TD. I cant concentrate either. did you have a head injury? ..."
Apr 15
"chicken only diet"
Apr 13
"try contacting a physical therapist maybe sick call tell them everything your wrist is complex I was an air force ranger/defender I ran five miles a day and shin splints are forever I have still after 21 years. now I have a crushed left ..."
Apr 09
"149 more days til kickoff"
Apr 04
"I think its ok unless one has an addiction my bebe has bipolar I have SZ we both have ptsd "
Apr 04
"depersonalization, and delusions"
Apr 04
"music is my life it helps with the three voices I hear having a conversation"