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Jul 29, 2010
"I am very sorry to hear about your poor pup...I hope that this posting might help you with your complex situation. In todays struggling economy, concern about paying for veterinary expenses is very common. Veterinarians are being ask..."
Jun 18, 2010
"Hello there...I am very sorry to hear about your cats. It must have been a terrible shock for you. It's going to be very hard for us to answer that question...first, since you are in a different country, the pellets you are describi..."
Jun 02, 2010
"Dr. Coyner is most need to get your pup into the veterinarian right away. As she said, parasites are a potential problem, as is a bacterial infection, but with a rottweiler puppy at 5 months old, parvo jumps to the top of..."
May 25, 2010
"Hi...I am sure waking up to vomit each morning is not a fun way to start your day!! I found this from one of our experts over in the Ask A Vet forum...I think it might be appropriate for you as well: Sometimes small dogs vomit in t..."
May 25, 2010
"Good morning to you...I agree with Ginger, it seems like some more information would be helpful. If it is a bone type of tumor, then amputation is certainly the best option to help extend her life. If it is simply a fatty type of tu..."
May 23, 2010
"Good morning sherriann...I am sorry about your cat...does she go outside a lot? I think you probably already realize that your best course of action is to get her to your veterinarian. She could have an abscess, it could be some sort..."
May 21, 2010
"Hi...thanks for the great work you are doing trying to get pets into homes. Here is a little more information about Manx Syndrome for you: It's a long article, but this site does a nice job with genetic conditions: http://www.messyb..."
May 21, 2010
"I too am very sorry for your loss. Anytime we lose a pet, especially one that is apparently healthy and wheneve it happens suddenly, its certainly a shock. Did you have a necropsy done on her? (An animal autopsy). That could have s..."
May 21, 2010
"I agree with Dr. Coyner's assessment...since we can't see what you are describing, it's hard for us to give you a good answer about how thin he may or may not be. He is also reaching his adolescent and teenage years, so he may be putti..."
May 05, 2010
"I have to concur with PrettyKitty and I urge you to get your little guy to a veterinarian today if at all possible. Cats are not designed to go for more than 24 hours without eating. Since your guy is refusing food, that's enough of ..."