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Feb 04, 2013
"It's really not possible to tell whether the head shakes are indicative of any underlying issues - you would need to take her to see a doctor to determine the cause. Before going to the doctor, if would probably be helpful for you to ge..."
Feb 04, 2013
"Every child responds differently to medication, so there is no way to definitively answer the question. However, the two medications are of entirely different classes and might be expected to change behavior through slightly different m..."
Feb 04, 2013
"At this point, it is not possible to confirm whether someone has an autism spectrum diagnosis with an EEG. I would encourage you to speak with your child's pediatrician to clarify the purpose of the EEG and to ask for a referral to a de..."
Feb 04, 2013
"Although TBI can cause a variety of behavioral changes and learning delays, it sounds like your son has a very classic presentation of autism. I think it’s very unlikely that the fall was responsible. At this point, it’s most important ..."
Jan 15, 2013
"One of the defining characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger's Syndrome) is highly stereotyped behaviors or interests. Usually this manifests as an interest in particular items, activities, or phenomena. It may b..."
Sep 19, 2012
"Autism is diagnosed based on delays in social interaction and language skills and highly stereotyped or repetitive behavior. It doesn’t sound like your son really meets these criteria. You did mention that he flaps his hands when excit..."
Jul 19, 2012
" It’s true that Asperger’s syndrome can be difficult to diagnose because there is a wide range in what is considered normal behavior, but people diagnosed with Asperger’s do have more pronounced deficits in social skills. Because 3-yea..."
Jul 19, 2012
"Autism is diagnosed based on impaired or delayed social skills, communication skills, and stereotyped behaviors. Your description doesn't really note whether you have concerns about her social or communication skills, but it is apparent..."
Jun 11, 2012
"Autism is characterized by severe impairment in social interaction skills, communication skills, and/or stereotyped (ritualistic) behaviors, interests, and activities. Asperger’s Disorder has a similar profile (restricted interests, del..."
May 11, 2012
"I wouldn’t say that urination and defecation issues are necessarily typical of kids with Asperger’s, although there is a higher incidence of behavior problems in general as compared to a typically developing population. If you haven’t ..."