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Aug 26, 2009
"You do not have insomnia and this is an insomnia forum. Therefore, you need to be evaluated at a sleep center. Dr. Jacobs"
Aug 26, 2009
"You can try CBT for insomnia per my posts and website."
Aug 23, 2009
"Your symptoms sound physiologically based or anxiety based since you describe physiological symptoms that are distinct form insomnia. Since your doctors find nothing wrong, follow through on the suggestion of evaluation for anxiety. D..."
Aug 21, 2009
"Because you are taking large doses of prescription medication that can be dangerous, you need to be evaluated by your doctor right away. Dr. Jacobs"
Aug 21, 2009
"This is an insomnia forum and hypnic jerks are seperate from insomnia. They could be periodic limb movements and need to be evaluated by a sleep physician at a sleep center. Dr. Jacobs"
Aug 19, 2009
"Since the pain is causing the insomnia, your doctor will need to diagnose and treat the pain. Dr. Jacobs"
Aug 17, 2009
"You should begin the behavioral techniques outlined in my blogs and website for improving your sleep. Dr. Jacobs"
Aug 16, 2009
"This is not an insomnia question but, rather, a question for your OBGYN."
Aug 15, 2009
"You have developed chronic insomnia and should start behavioral techniques as outlined in my blogs and website. Dr. Jacobs"
Aug 15, 2009
"You should begin behavioral techniques for improving your sleep as described in my blogs and on my website. Dr. Jacobs"