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Jun 08, 2010
"I think you are on the right track not trying to stop the thoughts but to note them and counter them with reality. Your mind is like a bully trying to mess with you. It will try any tactic or tactic to get you going. If you keep your ..."
Jun 06, 2010
"Going for therapy is exactly the right move. This is classic OCD and should be quite treatable. tg"
Apr 20, 2010
"The OCD foundation site has a good newsletter and other material. Your mind is trying to bully you and like any good bully it will stick the knife in whatever topic is most likely to get you riled up. If you take a half step back a..."
Apr 18, 2010
"Yes this sounds like pretty classic OCD plus the trichotillomania. I think that your hunch that the fertility issues plus other unnamed stressors) may be a trigger is worth exploring. I'm glad to hear you are about to get help from som..."
Apr 15, 2010
"I deal extensively with skin picking and agree that you have a good chance of beating the problem with persistence and a therapist who knows this area. (See and for details.) As to the medical impact and sca..."
Mar 30, 2010
"More CBT hopefully with someone who knows about working with general life issues as well. tg"
Mar 30, 2010
"More CBT hopefully with someone who knows both those techniques and dealing with overall life issues as well. tg"
Mar 29, 2010
"Sounds like you have been very patient and persistent on the drugs side (not my area) but have a lot more to be potentially gained on the therapy front. Generally that is very helpful if you stick with it. tg "
Mar 27, 2010
"The OCD spectrum includes the more familiar obsessions and compulsions, Tourettes, and hair pulling and skin picking and scratching. People with one of these will often have bits of another. It is not like you suddenly have a new set o..."
Mar 08, 2010
"I totally agree with your therapist, it is all OCD and anxiety. The meds and more therapy are the way to go. tg "