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Oct 03, 2011 in the Depression Community - 3
Thank you both. Its still very intimidating to bring it up to the doctor at the walk in clinic. (limited family doctors in my town)
Oct 01, 2011 in the Depression Community - 3
Hi all. MY daughter is 14 months old now, shes doing great, busy little thing and a climber! The thing is I find the littlest things set me off and I feel like such a bad mom and cant control my temper. Ive always been depressed to some point. I remember when I was 8 I was drawing a picture for my cousin who was a few years older than me who was in the hospit...
Mar 05, 2011 in the Maternal & Child Community - 1
Im 7 months post partum. My daughter is healthy and great. She wasnt gaining so the doctor told me to supplement with formula. She usually gets 6 oz formula a day. Ive been trying to pump in preparation for our upcoming road trip but am getting less than half an oz in half an hour of pumping. I was given pills to increase lactation as soon as I had her but wa...
Mar 03, 2011 in the Relationships Community - 2
Thanks for your input! was also told that if the child goes to the welfare office and say he is not being given child support anymore, they will garnish his fathers wages to accommodate for that.
Mar 03, 2011 in the Maternal & Child Community - 2
Thanks for the advice but its not just a trip really. We are in BC now, live in ontario so we are going back home to stay.
Mar 03, 2011 in the Maternal & Child Community - 2
Hi all. I have a 6 month old daughter and am about to make a really long drive across the country. She is breast and formula fed and Id like to give her more breast milk but she sometimes likes bottles (bottle nipples) better. I dont want her to turn completely to bottles so I want to pump. I have a hand pump made by Avent that Ive had since she was born but ...
Feb 24, 2011 in the Relationships Community - 2
Not sure its under the right topic but heres my question. my mil has 100% custody of her son. She moved and offered to take him with her but he decided to live with his dad. Legal rights are still in her hands. The son hates living with his father so moved out on his own. His dad is now moving out of town completely so the son will have no family around hi...
Feb 21, 2011 in the Relationships Community - 2
I contacted Hope Services Adoption Agency, and they said the same. Im just hoping the father will pay for the lawyer since he doesnt want to care for his son and see that he passes the 9th grade and has a family.
Feb 18, 2011 in the Relationships Community - 2
My mil moved to australia leaving her son with his father. (the son was offered to go with but didnt want to) now with no discipline from the father,the boy moved out at 16 years old. He is now 17 and the father is moving across the country away from him. We spoke with him and my mil and they both think him living with my husband (his brother) and I is best. ...
Feb 14, 2011 in the Weight Loss & Dieting Community - 6
Thanks for the advice. Ive gained another 10lbs in a week :( Im not eating anything really bad or eating lots, just havent been able to hit the gym everyday since I have company. :( Its really getting to me that Im 192lbs!! This is insane. Im hoping to see a doctor and hopefully they can help me.