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Oct 17, 2013
"I think it's easier to tell when your beta and progesterone are taken earlier on. They are supposed to take it and then take it about 48 hours later? Did they not check yours twice? Anyway, I already had had 3 kids before having the twin..."
Nov 13, 2012
"Expecting 2 boys. I had nausea a lot, but never actually vomited, had a lot headaches and felt very tired, in the first trimester. It all slowly went away after the 1st trimester for me. Then I started getting a lot fatigue again a few w..."
Jul 31, 2012
"We found out in June that we are having twins. We have 3 girls, 7, 5 and youngest will be 3(by the time the babies come). My EDD is Feb 4 and I will be 37 weeks on Jan 14. My birthday is Jan 10. My DH has been joking that they will come ..."
Jun 19, 2012
"You sound like me! I just found out today that I'm having twins. They were dated as being 7 weeks with the same heartrate of 136. I have THREE girls also. We were trying one last time for a boy. I had a mc the first week of march this ..."
Jun 08, 2012
"My EDD is Feb 4. I am also on a Feb 2013 group on babycenter. I have 3 kids and had a mc in March. So far things are going good!"
Apr 23, 2012
"I got my mirena removed Sept 2011. I didn't get my first af until 50 days later. My cycle was messed up. Anyway, after 3rd AF we conceived but I had a natural miscarriage at about 10 weeks. The fetus was only about 7 weeks tho. We were/a..."
Apr 23, 2012
"I just wanted to add from my experience. A certain ex of mine was uncircumsized. Shortly after I had given him oral, I received a really sore throat. I had gotten sores all in the back of my throat and it hurt really bad. I think I had i..."
Apr 20, 2012
"It's possible that maybe even he doesn't know. He could be doing it subconsciously. If I had to guess I would say after what has happened he knows you are going to find it at some point. I think he wants your attention. Sometimes it is h..."
Apr 20, 2012
"I have 3 kids. My oldest is 6 and she started walking at 9 1/2 months. All of my kids have been larger than kids their age. Anyway, I dont know when your daughters birthday is but mine was born in June 2005. She is in First grade. My mid..."
Feb 12, 2012
"My due date was September 27, 2012. I had an ultrasound last tuesday and it said EDD October 6. My first was born on her due date and the other 2 were past due. So I'll probably have an October baby. I had implantantion bleeding 10 day..."