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Dec 01, 2010
"Don't know about lots of facial hair growth, but for the first time ever I've become a little conscious of my "moustache" - I'm blonde and the hairs are very fine and light, but I wasn't sure if I was noticing them cause I'm getting old ..."
Sep 09, 2010
"FIFTEEN WEEKS?? ok. well good to know because i've been wondering if it's worth just tapering off, and thought maybe I should just stop and deal with it for a week or two, but 15 weeks?? that's wrong. Why didn't your doctor taper it for ..."
Sep 01, 2010
"I haven't read all the answers thoroughly but we have an 8 yr old who is really similar in terms of horrible moodiness and swings of mood. Of course, me having bipolar I am always looking to see if my girls have any signs of any mental d..."
Sep 01, 2010
"My "normal" is when I'm not depressed - although I may be sad and annoyed and pissed off - or when I'm not manic - although I may be happy and loud and active. Normal is when I can control how I feel, I can make a choice to not be irr..."
Sep 01, 2010
"I took True hope (vitamin supplements etc) once about a year ago, and had never been so manic. was also spring so it may? have been related to that I've been taking omega-3 for only 2 days and I've been a little manic..but the..."
Aug 19, 2010
"thanks for your replies! I felt really stupid asking, but what's an internet forum for if you can't ask the dumb embarrassing questions??"
Aug 18, 2010
"it could be an anxiety thing, not wanting to think - which we tend to do when we are on our own!! So instead of drinking/taking drugs or some other self destructive behaviour you are seeking people's company which is not a bad thing in i..."
Aug 18, 2010
"V. embarrassed to have to ask this, but has anyone else gone through a period of infatuation with their therapist? Do you think it's probably related to being hypomanic, orhaving someone finally "getting" you, or just that someone is p..."
Aug 18, 2010
"is this any different to the "true hope" vitamin formulas?"
Aug 17, 2010
"is this any different to the true hope vitamin formulas?"