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May 15, 2014
"Usually the progression to aortic valve leakage is very slow in this situation. Once a trivial amount of valve leakage develops then surgery could be undertaken. Aortic valve leakage of a trivial degree usually does not progress. Howe..."
May 07, 2014
"The dilation of the aorta is not enough of an indication to proceed with surgery if there is no aortic valve leakage. Careful follow up should allow you to pick up even minor changes in aortic valve function. Unfortunately it sounds li..."
May 01, 2014
"Thank you for your posting. When the right coronary cusp of the aortic valve prolapses into a VSD (it can either be a perimembranous or outlet type for this to happen), it is a concern, because the distortion of the aortic valve can lead..."
Apr 29, 2014
"Due to your age you are out of the range for a pediatric cardiologist to make any comments. Additionally nobody can answer your question without information about what testing has been done to evaluate your symptoms. Perhaps you should..."
Apr 28, 2014
"A 4 mm ASD is not large and likely will close up or get smaller over time; it would not be a driving factor for surgical intervention at this point. I think you are saying that there are 2 VSD's- one 5 mm and one 4 mm in size, is that c..."
Apr 25, 2014
"Heart murmurs are common in children, and most of them are innocent or benign in nature with no underlying heart probelms. They can be heard at many different phases of growth, especially between the ages of 2 and 6 years. If a doctor ..."
Apr 25, 2014
"Blueness around the mouth and eyes is due to prominence of the collection of veins that are found around the mouth and eyes. Even though there mught be a bluish appearance, as long as the lips and tongue are a normal pink color, and som..."
Apr 24, 2014
"Bicuspid aortic valves are associated with abnormal aortas, called an "aortopathy" in some patients. The ascending aorta can dilate to various degrees. This can occur with or without stenosis of the aortic valve. Fortunately the incid..."
Apr 22, 2014
"Patients with some congenital heart defects do seem prone to GE reflux and that can complicate assessment of the effects of the VSD. However, if the baby is sweating with and without feeds, this is likely related to the large VSD. It i..."
Apr 21, 2014
"Please understand that your questions cannot be answered while the child is still in the womb. Nobody can tell you what your child will need until after the baby is born and the size of the individual defects are accurately assessed. Su..."