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Jun 29, 2014 in the Cats Community - 5
Hi all, and thank you for your suggestions! I apologize for the delay in posting. I just got out of the hospital yesterday. We will call tomorrow and make an appt. with the vet. Thanks again! K
Jun 17, 2014 in the Cats Community - 5
Hi. We recently adopted a year old female kitty after our first kitty passed away a month earlier. We did not know nearly what we were getting into! Though she seemed sweet at the shelter, she will not stop wetting all over the floor. We recently figured out that, based on her behavior, she likely was an outdoor cat. We read up online about transitioning ...
Feb 25, 2014 in the Women's Health Community - 4
Thank you again. The tests were negative. My next step is to see the skin doctor in March. Meanwhile, I will keep an eye on the area. K
Feb 18, 2014 in the Women's Health Community - 4
Hi and thank you. I called and got in today. She said she thought it was skin related and not breast related. However, she ordered a diagnostic mammogram with ultrasound "just in case." I go in Monday afternoon and will get the results then and there. Thanks again! K
Feb 17, 2014 in the Women's Health Community - 4
Hello, Two weeks ago, I noticed a pea sized (or a little wider) purple-red patch on my right breast, near the nipple. Three days later (two weeks ago this Friday) I saw my gyne for something unrelated. I showed her the patch and she thought it was a pimple and even tried to squeeze the edge of it. I think she got something solid and white out if it, not su...
Jan 07, 2014 in the Gastroenterology Community - 2
Thank you! I will mention this to my doctor when I see him. My appt got moved up a day and I will see him Thursday. K
Jan 02, 2014 in the Gastroenterology Community - 2
Hello all. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read, and hopefully answer my post. On and off, I have suffered from constipation. I can go for a month or more without it, only for it to return. For the past few weeks, I have been constipated. Some of the time, I get blood in my stools. I saw my gastro doc two weeks ago, who advised me to take an os...
Dec 31, 2013 in the Gastroenterology Community - 2
Thank you for your reply! I am sorry I am late in thanking you. In the time that passed since I posted, I did indeed develop excruciating pain when having to make bm's. I saw my GI specialist and he suggested I take an osmotic laxative. Since I started it, the pain and bleeding has lessened, however It took me four days to have a BM. I will give it some ...
Dec 02, 2013 in the Gastroenterology Community - 2
Hi. 36 year old female here. For the past month and a half or so, I have felt pain in my lower back/seat area whenever I sit and sometimes when I lie down. The more I sit, the more it hurts. It even hurts when getting up, and is sometimes quite intense. A few days ago, I started noticing red blood in my stools. My stool pattern has been alternating betw...
Nov 05, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 9
Hi. My doctor said I have a migraine variant, just not hemiplegic migraine. I mentioned the back pain, however he paid it no mind. He focused on the migraine diagnosis. My genetic testing came back negative. I trust what he said. Thanks again. K