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Dear patient there could be couple of reasons: 1) fillings are high and need to be adjusted 2) muscle spasm due to injections you got (could last up to a month)
MS CONTINĀ® - (Morphine Sulfate Controlled-Release) Tablets could cause alteration in taste, ie metal taste. You should contact your MD......not your TMJ doc. Instead of meds and Trigger Point injections I recommend you find a Neuromuscular TMJ expert. Go to www.top3dentist.com
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Dear Matt233 Have you had the area x-ray'd yet? I would recommend seeing an Oral Surgeon to rule out fractures in the maxillary bone.
Dear Patient Sorry to hear about your condition of degenerative osteo-arthrits. As you already know your type of arthritis is caused by breakdown of the cartilage of the joints. Especially hand, feet, and spine, especially weight bearing joints. Unfortunately the medical literature's do not mention the jaw joints which are also weight bearing joints. I ...
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I would start by seeing a dentist for it, if he or she can't locate a dental origin I would see a physician.
Jul 08, 2009 in the Dental Health Community - 1
Stop drinking wine, coffee, tea, soda, etc. Stop eating chocolate, green veggies, etc. Seriously there is no natural way. The only permanent solution would be veneers.
Dear patient Unlike the suggestions of "SurgiMenopause", a lower "splint" is the way to go. In addition it should not be flat either. A splint that you wear at night is not a solution neither treatment for TMJ disorders. It simply is there to protect your teeth from further damage. Unfortunately you have to go through impressions of both ...
Dear patient A "cocktail" of Rx meds is not the answer to your problems. First of all your prior condition of TMJ issues should have been a red flag for the dentist who extracted your teeth. 2nd yes a prior condition of TMJ issue will exacerbate this problem during extractions, root canals, cleanings, etc. You need to see a dentist who can properly...
Dear concerned patient A maxillofacial specialist will not be able to help you properly. Your symptoms could be due to a displaced disc of the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joints) and/or muscle spasm. Does your lower jaw freely move to right, left and forward, or ate there restrictions too? Prior to this do you recall a period of clicking joints? I recommend y...
Here are the names of few TMJ experts in Italy. The Bergamini family (Father and Daughter) I met many years ago and I know they are excellent. Hope this helps Giorgio Bagnasco 16153 Genova Sestri, Italy Phone: 011 39 010 604 8125 Franco Abeniacar 57125 Livorno, Italy Phone: 011 39 0586 898 465 Maurizio Bergamini 50100 Firenze, Italy Ph...