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Jan 19, 2012
"Hello everyone, my boyfriend is a 23 yr old construction worker. hes hardworking during the day, but pretty much as soon as he gets home, every weekday, he sleeps. he sleeps from about 5 to 10 on avrg, then wakesup watches tv a bit an..."
Nov 29, 2010
" okay thank you. it sounds really scary to me, and it actually makes me want to cry. i dont want to be going thorugh this "
Nov 16, 2010
"HEY i need help its kind ofstrange bc it started suddenly i am 17 years old and i am sexually active, and wen i was child i used to have issues with this but i rarely wet the bed. and it does not burn when i pee. for the last couple..."
Nov 09, 2009
"turns out , it was some kind of 'virus' or something that upset my whole colitis (since thats where im sensitive i guess :/ ) it ended up going away on its own ( weird eh? :S ) without any meds! :) . + and i got a full time summer ..."
Nov 09, 2009
"umm actually heres the thing ;ive had colitis for a year now (since i was 15) and its not 'too young' , ive had 2 colonoscopies , and they showed it was definitly an IBD , but they couldnt tell bc. it was only in the large. intestine . ..."
Oct 24, 2009
"Hi guys ! i ve been diagnosed with an undetermined IBD for about a year now . i have never had acid reflux . but recently ive been experiencing some of those symtoms . iam currently in remision . .. my question is : what does this..."
Jun 20, 2009
"ive been on imuran for umm ... 10months . and i have been on enemas before (HATE THEM!!!) .. and didnt really work that well! and i called my nurse, i had bloodwork done , and now im doing stool sample ( yay!). but, idk, i do not w..."
Jun 16, 2009
"yea, forget the fact that i have a summer job , the lady went behind my back and hired somebody else :[ FML"
Jun 15, 2009
"HI everybody , im 16, and i have just found a summer job but, also i recently am having a colitis flare-up :( where i am at now ; i go to the washoom 3to 5 times a day . there is blood and partly formed stool. i DO NOT want to j..."
Mar 17, 2009
"hi , ive never had a baby (im only 15 ), but i was aon pred. and now i cannot loose the weight!!!. i gained liek 20 pounds.. diet and excercise is sooo hard. i do not know wat to do anymore! . and its been the same in the bathroom too..."