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Oct 05, 2011
"I know I need insurance, but the company I work for doesn't offer it to p/t associates and unfortunately I make too much to qualify for state assistance. At least my son has medicaid, i'm thankful for his health. Financially things are r..."
Oct 05, 2011
"no I haven't been tested for Lyme, but dn't live around the woods or forest and haven't been bit by a tick since I was a young child. "
Oct 04, 2011
"Hi Addi, thank you for your opinion and questions. As far as the nerve damage "flare up" goes. I get burning & tingling sensations in my face, neck, arm, back, fingers and sometimes toes. The flare up happens I'd say about every mont..."
Oct 04, 2011
"Before I say anything, I want to add that I had what was considered "surgery" when all 4 wisdom teeth were removed in October 2009. My top wisdom teeth were impacted into the sinus cavity, the oral surgeon said it was a success and there..."
Oct 02, 2011
"So last Thursday, I started feeling sick. My symptoms are: fever (between 99-100) joint pain muscle aches (different than body aches as nerves do not ache to the touch, this is actual chronic muscle pain) nausea stomach cramps di..."
Jan 11, 2011
"well, no responses, kind of figured. this is a slow forum. It's now January 11 and still no period. I am still cramping and have decided to go off the amount of days since I last had sex, which would be 26 days . I still have zero pregna..."
Jan 07, 2011
"Woops, I forgot to add in there that I think my period is 15-19 days late and also have been having cramps that extend into the cervix and go down between my legs. ok, I think that's all :)"
Jan 07, 2011
"As the title says, I got the copper IUD November 19th and started my period November 21-26. My period for december never showed up. I did have sex with my bf December 17th. During the intercourse there was some intense pain followed by m..."
Oct 12, 2010
"I have decided to seek out a Chiropractor since nothing else works. I actually found a Chiropractor that specializes in Biomolecular physics of the he can help me control the back pain and believes the headaches, neck, shoulder..."
Sep 27, 2010
"Actually, I'm not mad at (thanks for voicing your thoughts). And, I'm not trying to self diagnose...but actually i've had MANY MANY WEIRD symptoms since October 09. And every month that passes by My symptoms get worse or I get..."