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Dec 04, 2015
"They'll be able to tell you by a transvaginal ultrasound if you ovulated or not. :) Best of luck to you!! "
Nov 25, 2015
"Hi there, I'll share with you what I know. I've been seeing a fertility doctor and the information he gave me is, never test with your first morning urine if you're trying to catch your ovulation time. It takes a little while for t..."
Nov 25, 2015
"I would recommend him having a semen analysis done. And I agree with Rhiz, with the ovulation predictor tests. I would definitely have him checked though. I cannot stress that enough. I went for years thinking it was myself because I..."
Nov 06, 2015
"Riya, I sent you a message. :)"
Oct 20, 2015
"How many of you ladies have done IVF with ICSI? Our story is 16 years married, never been pregnant. I'm ok but my husband at the time of our first semen analysis had a count of less than 2 million and 80% of those had bad motility ..."
Sep 17, 2015
"I picked Everleigh also. I think it's beautiful with Elizabeth. I also have to admit 'm partial to the Leigh part because my middle name is Lea. Lol Even if it wasn't I'd still pick Everleigh though. :D"
Sep 10, 2013
"You're so welcome. :) As I said earlier about the cervix coming down at different times during your cycle, mine is more tender around ovulation time. I haven't learned the difference of when it hurts me as to when it's lower/higher..."
Sep 10, 2013
"Hi there! I'm going to agree with the "he's hitting your cervix" only because if everything else has came back normal and you have no abnormal discharge and things like that. I've had this to happen and it does hurt. At different t..."
Sep 10, 2013
"I have to agree about it being "rough" OR just strenuous. There's been times when I couldn't walk, couldn't sit down right, I've had bruises on my knees from being in a tight spot (a car lol) and also (I'm so sorry for the TMI) but als..."
Sep 04, 2013
"Please excuse my bluntness?(is that even a word? lol) Anyways, what I think you're feeling is your cervix. It's round, kinda mushroomy feeling. When you strain or push it will push down. You can feel all around it..side to side. I h..."