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Jan 27, 2011
"Hi, I had two terrible episodes in the last year and it has left me terrified to have blood taken. First i got blood taken when i was ill about 9 months ago, when it was happening i felt very faint and dizzy and when it was over my who..."
Aug 11, 2010
"Hi, I have been on Lexapro from over a year now and I was wondering if it's save to take Zinc supplements with it? Not sure were to post this as I am on the anxiety forum mostly, but my wife and I have decided to try for our first bab..."
Jan 13, 2010
"Thanks! I know all that, guess i just needed to hear it from someone else you know... I have Xanax for "emergencies"! haha, but never actually took one, i got them for going on a plane 6 months ago and guess what, i never came home!!! i ..."
Jan 13, 2010
"Just only less than an hour ago i had my first bad panic attack in more than i guess 6 months! Been on Lexapro a long time now and that seemed to have made them go away but today OUT OF NOWHERE i got one of the worst kind of attacks i us..."
Oct 21, 2009
"Hey, So i have been on Lexapro for about 6 months now, and doing incredibly well, even started today to cut down to 5mg, but over the last month or so, i have been feeling really terrible, nothing to do with my usual panic attacks or ..."
Oct 16, 2009
"Hello everyone, i haven't been on the site for a while now, maybe 2 months or so?! i was on here A LOT, like 5 or 6 times a day, when i started taking Lexapro for my Panic Attacks and Globus Hystericus and it was an AMAZING help for me, ..."
Jul 20, 2009
"this is probably the weirdest post i have read in a long time so i thought id post, i used to think i did the same, (i have a large not big! nose) when i went through puberty i used to push on it, (wash just one of those silly little hab..."
Jul 18, 2009
"Thanks so much for your quick resposes I feel so much better now thank you! Just to say I'm 23 and an taking lexapro for axiety 10mg a day could this effect it also? Thanks again..."
Jul 18, 2009
"I had this really weird thing happen me yesterday, i was cooking dinner and out of nowhere i got this REALLY TERRIFYING scary vision problem! over both me eyes was this big blurry stop, i looked it up but can't find what it is? i could n..."
Jul 01, 2009
"I didn't say i read one, i think it was greenlydia maybe write her a note? Thanks for the comments, i am so much more happy now, and feel if i can do that then there is pretty much nothing else i can't try now! :) haven't felt like t..."