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Oct 18, 2011
"I came across this article and had to think of you :) Take a look, I think you might find something useful in there. I hope they keep it up..."
Oct 17, 2011
"Move out. Seriously. My grandparents did this to my mother as well and I ended up not seeing them for nearly 10 years because of it. Had she moved out sooner (and by moving out I also mean out of the area, not to a house down the street)..."
Sep 09, 2011
"When I was breastfeeding I noticed that when I didn't drink at least 2,5 liters of water every day I wouldn't produce enough milk. It's very important! Don't subsititute water with anything else either; coffee, soda or even tea isn't the..."
Aug 24, 2011
"My baby boy was diagnosed with a mild form of hypospadias soon after he was born. He had an ultrasound to check out his kidneys and bladder when he was about 5 weeks old; everything looked fine. He is now 3 months old and has recently ch..."
Aug 23, 2011
"I don't think you'll get pregnant. I agree with AnnieBrooke on the unlikelyhood of you ovulating so close to your expected period. Just make sure next time you have a condom around and maybe get on the pill? I ALWAYS have a condom wi..."
Aug 19, 2011
"Oh I'm so sorry for your loss! :( "
Jul 30, 2011
"I will never ever complain about my stitches again, promise! After what I read here I realize I've been very lucky :/"
May 30, 2011
"It took about 24 hours for it to calm down. I had to pump, because it was hurting me really REALLY bad at one point and I got 160 cc on day 5 (after feed)... Which is crazy, no wonder I was hurting! It's a lot better now, but Luca only n..."
May 28, 2011
"Hiya everyone! My baby boy is now 3 days old and I couldn't be happier! Well actually, I do have issues with the whole engorgement happening in my breasts right now. They're so sore and swollen, I'm a little afraid it'll turn into an ..."
May 23, 2011
"I'm now 41w4d pregnant, being induced on Thursday. I have been retaining water for a while now, but it concentrates in my feet mostely (sometimes in my hands as well, when it gets warm). Last week it started in my face as well; not a lot..."