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Jul 20, 2012
"hi - so a lil background I did ivf back in january of 2011 and got a bfp on the first try i was very lucky :) I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in October 2011 and now that she is almost 10 months we want to try to have one more baby..."
Mar 28, 2011
"I am just a few days shy of 13 weeks and I feel like I have to pee all the time and then when I go to the restroom it is very little pee. Just wondering if the frequent potty breaks are normal this early on or if any of you ladies are h..."
Mar 21, 2011
"oh ok makes sense about the hormones I was wondering why I feel great all of a sudden. And yeah I am glad I bought the doppler it is the best I lkve listenign to that lil heartbeat. "
Mar 21, 2011
"how do you do the red cabbage test I would like to do it for fun and see if it is accurate "
Mar 21, 2011
"Hey ladies so I am 11 weeks 3 days and all my symptoms seem to have vanished. The only thing that I still have is I am tired all the time but my nausea and sore boobs everything seems to have stopped right before I turned 11 weeks it has..."
Mar 18, 2011
"yeah so happy I am not the only one but it is kind of nice to have a lil bump I went through a lot to get this baby and I will wear my bump with pride :) "
Mar 17, 2011
"Hi fellow mommies I just had a quick question I will be 11 weeks tomorrow and I am already showing a lil bit and wearing maternity jeans I was 220 when I got preggo so thinking maybe that has something to do with me showing already but I..."
Mar 09, 2011
"Hi- did you buy your doppler from that website ??"
Mar 02, 2011
"Hi, Ladies I am pregnant with the help of ivf on our first cycle with one healthy baby. this is my 1st pregnancy and I am excited and nervous for all that is to come. I am due Oct. 7th and I am so thrilled that I found this forum so tha..."
Jan 12, 2011
"thank you ladies for all your kind swords and prayers I really apperciate it. My retrival is now scheduled for friday and i am so excited. I just really hope this works for us. i have all my faith in god that this is our time to become p..."