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Jun 21, 2011
"How do you know this is an inner ear problem? Many different problems are associated with dizzy feelings and eye focus issues. How long does the dizzy feeling last? It could be anywhere between 1 second and a life time, depending on..."
Jun 20, 2011
"Just a simple curiosity question. Can anyone explain the connection between the semicircular canals and the heart? The only answer I have so far doesn't go into enough detail to know if it is true, that there is a Fight or Flight conne..."
Jun 20, 2011
"I've been of the board for some months but I ~may~ be able to help... This is a common response from Dr.s that don't know about a particular ear problem. Not saying you have it but since some still don't know about this it is something..."
Jun 20, 2011
"Obviously I'm too late to respond before your Dr appointment, and I don't have any info to help directly. However, I have been studying a particular ear problem where one symptom is ear pressure, or feeling full. I do know that some fo..."
Mar 17, 2011
"Prier to Jan. 2010 I had no idea there was a connection... Fix your eyes on an object across the room and move your head from side to side like your saying "No". The eyes will stay fixated on that object. Now try fixing your eyes dead..."
Feb 04, 2011
"As far as "debate" topics, I don't know. However, when ever you, KenKieth, and Ed34 get together there is some real interesting, erm, uhm, debating going on. Love to see a good drag out fight, erm, uhm, Debate between you two! ;-)"
Jan 29, 2011
"thingywhatisit, this is interesting, I'm interested in this disease simply because my syndrome has been mis-diagnosed as Menieres and many other diseases and conditions till 1998. Even then not all ent's and even otolyregoligists(spel..."
Jan 28, 2011
"Two years to diagnose it? By chance did they look for superior semicircular canal dehiscence? This will give the same feeling since it also directly effects the balance system and it's still making its rounds to the knowledge of ear spe..."
Jan 27, 2011
"Pressure from inside the ear and head pressure? along side EDT? and some kind of dizzy feeling? Sounds to me (who don't know much) like an inner ear infection and/or many other inner ear problems. I'd talk to your PCP first and after b..."
Jan 25, 2011
"There are many reasons someone would be dizzy and off balance. The eye's, muscles, joints ears and semicircular canals work together to keep you "balanced" and a problem with any one of them can work against you."