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Aug 18, 2010
"I know this is a little late, but this story breaks my heart. Cat food isn't really the best choice unless you have nothing else to give him. The person about said not to put a water tub in their cage, my babes have a bowl of water a..."
Aug 18, 2010
"I have two little trouble makers myself. "
Mar 11, 2010
"I'm very confused. We've been watching my thyroid levels for about 9 months and they've been a little bit off. The most recent results are quite a bit off. I'm headed to see my doctor next week, but I thought I'd try to interpret them my..."
Jun 05, 2009
"No help here, just another person with the same problem! Even as a young kid I was up all night locked in my room, reading or drawing and man, it get's boring after 16 years. By age fourteen I spent most of my time trying to run around a..."
Jun 05, 2009
"My pdoc sometimes faxes the prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, if it's just a matter of a med change and a visit isn't needed."
May 18, 2009
"I was also fed soymilk as a baby, any other types made me hive. And I don't THINK there's any proven fact about antipsychotics hurting the babies or anything, I think it's just definetly passes through the breastmilk and there's lack..."