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Sep 29, 2009
"To help prevent vomiting, you should try to get Heater an injection of Cerenia (Maropitant) from your veterinarian. It is a powerful antivomiting medication that needs to be repeated every 24 hours. There is some sting to the injection, ..."
Jul 23, 2009
"I noticed you are located in Bandung, Indonesia, and the availability of veterinary care may be limited. You may be able to give your dog some relief by using "Artificial Tears" that are sold in drug stores and pharmacies for humans. It ..."
Jul 14, 2009
"As an emergency vet, I would add that many of these cases are challenging to diagnose, but may respond to a combination of antibiotics for a possible upper respiratory infection (i.e, kennel-cough) along with low dose steroids (like pred..."
Jul 09, 2009
"It is good that you have a confirmatory blood test pending, because pancreatitis can be a very challenging disease to diagnose. Usually pancreatitis can only be diagnosed with a combination of clinical signs such as vomiting, abdominal p..."
Jul 09, 2009
"1. It sounds like Caesar experienced some "dietary indiscretion", but now things have somewhat normalized thanks to some medication prescribed by your veterinarian and a consistent diet. It is probably very important not to offer him any..."