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Thank you so much! I love this community :)
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Its way too early to see a heartbeat. They are not detected until closer to 7 weeks. Brown blood is old blood. I w...
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Brown blood is old blood. Try to not worry too much. I know that is hard.
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Very normal! Stay hydrated, and rest as much as you can. I spotted/bleed from week 6 to 16 of my pregnancy. Light,...
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Drink some juice or sweet tea. Maybe eat some hard candy. These should make baby more active
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It sounds like as if now you are having twins. Drink lots of water 80oz or more a day, and take it easy as much as y...
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The hcg in your system is now strong enough to detect. You tested too early the first time. Congrats on your pregn...
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It is very hard to conceive naturally at 47. I know there are exceptions to the rule, but the reality is, chances a...
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It may be too early, give it a couple more days, then try again.
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Its sounds like it could possibly be herpes. Definitely get it checked out!! Don't wait!
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