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Nov 23, 2009
"My c-section is scheduled for Dec. 28 but alot of my friends and family don't think I will make it that far. I have my last 2 week appt. tomorrow and I am hoping she might be able to give me an idea of possible earlier delivery. I am a..."
Nov 06, 2009
"I have never had the dark line and my belly button stayed the same with my first pregnancy, but with this pregnancy it is starting to stick out, but only on top so far. It also makes it much more sensitive!"
Oct 20, 2009
"I took the class with my first pregnancy and as far as I know my insurance covered it, but it was about $100. The didn't just show breathing techiquies either, they covered breastfeeding, different possiblities for needing a c-section, ..."
Oct 05, 2009
"I am planning to where a Baker's had (chef's type hat) and an apron that says bun in the oven, maybe carry around a rolling pin and some pot holders. Nothing too over the top but still will go along with my pregnancy."
Sep 22, 2009
"I had a major nosebleed yesterday and went to the OB. They told me it was normal because the blood vesseles are more sensitive and pumping more blood. The Dr. checked the baby's heart beat and size to reassure me mainly and also took a..."
Sep 20, 2009
"I am in my 25th week and have been dealing with allergies for the past 3 weeks and now my baby boy is pushing on my tailbone sooooo, I have been better and I am hoping to get back there soon before Dec. gets here. We are getting the nur..."
Sep 20, 2009
"With my son he used everything we had, the crib, swing, bouncer, socks, bibs, burp cloths, pacies and we did best with pampers but they still leaked occasionally. Good luck!"
Aug 11, 2009
"We found out today we are having a Baby BOY! We are excited even though we were hoping for a girl. He is healthy and right on schedule so we are very happy!"
Aug 10, 2009
"I am finally starting to feel better! No more morning sickness or nausea and my back pain hasn't been bothering me either. I have been having alot more crying/mood swings and I am still tired but not as much. I will find out tomorrow ..."
Aug 04, 2009
"My biggest pregnancy brain issue is that I mix up my words when I am speaking, ex "Becareful and don't cut the knife with your finger" or "Put the shelf on the book" and I will be looking at something and say the name of what I am lookin..."