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Jul 24, 2009
"I got my medical reports from my GI. To my surprise, there are some " abnormal findings", which are not informed by my GI at all. She had told me my CT scan was normal. The findings that worry me are below: There is a calcified pe..."
Jul 23, 2009
"Thanks. The weird thing is that my CT scan was normal.. CT scan isn't sensitive enough to pick up 35mm polyp? "
Jul 22, 2009
"I went back to my GI for HIDA scan test result today. Found out that my HIDA scan was normal with 75% ejection fraction, however there are few polys on my gallbladder walls (the largest one is 35mm) according to ultrasound report. I wa..."
Jul 16, 2009
"I had my HIDA SCAN with CCK yesterday. The test lasted about 90 min. I felt mild abdominal pain during the whole exam. When my intestines didn't show, the RN gave me some water to stimulate the gallbladder. He said I only 20 mins ..."