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Sep 05, 2009
"My best friend of 20 years has decreasing eye vision in both eyes since June '09. He has several trips to 3 different Opthamologists, eye tests : CT Scan of brain - came back normal, Retina exam, Color Plate exam - he failed terribly, pa..."
Jul 26, 2009
"I am new to MedHelp, member since 07/17/09. I did my first journal entry on 07/24 this past Friday, I had an TIA. I was doing research on TIA's, and to my shock I found my journal entry on Google ! Has this happened to any of you? All re..."
Jul 25, 2009
"I too, was hospitalized for 3 days. they ran a ton of tests, all came back normal. the last test they performened was an EEG on the brain. Several hours later, (9:30 p.m.) I was discharged by a nurse. They gave me a sheet pf paper indica..."
Jul 24, 2009
"Hello all, I was suffering symptoms for 6 weeks before I went to the E.R. I was admitted and discharged 7/23. When will I be able to speak properly without slurring or sounding garbled? "
Jul 20, 2009
"Thanks to all who replied to my question for a sugar substitute, I am going to try Stevia first."
Jul 18, 2009
"Telaprevir is a protease inhibitor that will be combined with treatment Interferon & Ribavirin. to the best of my knowledge it is out or near the end of clinical trial Phase 3, and should be available to us in less than 2 years."
Jul 17, 2009
"thanks on the tip for STEVIA...made my night !"
Jul 17, 2009
"Does any one know of a sugar substitute that my liver w/ cirrhosis will process and not cause any further damage? No Splenda... chlorine based !"