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Oct 23, 2009
"Thanks everyone. Most of my meals are hot, I prefer it that way. When I gained all the weight in the 2 months I hadnt changed anything I was doing in the 2 years before, other than drink less alcohol. Im just waiting to get into my doc b..."
Oct 22, 2009
"I just read about it... I have had it since I was 11, the doctors didnt figure it out until I was 18 and I just got the Dicetel a few months ago. I have gained an insane amount of weight lately. When I was in high school I was a vegetari..."
Oct 22, 2009
"My stomach has been rock hard for about 4 or 5 days now. I have IBS and am taking dicetel for it. but even with that I still only have a BM once every 3 or 4 days. Usually after Im done with the bathroom my stomach isnt hard anymore, but..."
Oct 15, 2009
"I cannot lose weight. I worked for 3 weeks straight and lost only 5 lbs, stopped for 1 day and gained it all back. I have givien up. I hate myself and am so sick of it. I had a thyroid test done over a month ago... almost 2 now actually,..."
Aug 22, 2009
"I dont have a diagnosis from a doctor, just my own. I know I'm depressed, have been since i went to high school. It's just gotten really bad in the last 3-4 years because I was in an abusive relationship. When I moved back in with my par..."
Aug 22, 2009
"I don't want to copy and paste what I wrote in my journal but if someone thinks they might want to help me can you please read it. Thank you for anyone who actually does..."
Aug 12, 2009
"Even when I think I can maybe get some help no one wants to. I guess my problems just arent as important and some..."
Aug 12, 2009
"Kurt Cobain had it right. This life is horrible. I am capable of being happy so why cant I just be like that all the time? My friends are horrible for this too Im realizing. Anytime I need to talk about something its like its ok to do it..."
Aug 10, 2009
"I dont know why Im gaining weight. I stayed at one weight for over 2 years then all of a sudden Ive gained 25 lbs and I hadnt changed anything Ive done. Ive been excersising more and that only seems to maintaining it. But Ive since gaine..."
Aug 06, 2009
"I dont know, I am going to ask my doctor that tomorrow. I will let you know."