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Apr 05, 2012
"It boils down to the fact that before treatment I felt like I couldnt trust the future or be a part of things, that I had this huge illness looming over me. It scared me and separated me from everyone else. I dont have that anymore and..."
Apr 05, 2012
"I just popped on to research another ailment and see if DD had answered my question about spouse autoimmune illnesses after Hep C treatment of other spouse and I saw your post. Nice to hear about your progress. I too treated back when ..."
Sep 27, 2009
"Looking back 3 and a half years ago to finishing a successful treatment and SVR I now have a perspective that is helpful. I no longer dwell on the small stuff. Thats not to say I didnt have a hard road recovering. But eventually it bo..."
May 09, 2008
"Nice post. Good attitude. I agree with you that the effects of not having the virus do outweigh the treatment. Next month marks my two year anniversary of completing treatment. I am also SVR and I am quite happy about it. Interestin..."
Mar 28, 2008
"Like DD, you got me thinking about all my sides and how they might be related to the pituitary and what do you know - my IGF-1 test came back at 80, certainly less than where it should be for someone in their fifties. I too am going to ..."
Feb 20, 2008
"Hi yall, havent looked in on things for a while. I am 20 months post tx and SVR. As usual, DD brings up a good topic. I developed really severe upper back neck and shoulder pain about 30 weeks into treatment. It continued, and ac..."
Nov 06, 2007
"The study you refer to - or at least the one I found - also seems to indicate that using the Riba/Peg combo for SVR patients without HCC is useful to reduce the chances of contracting HCC. Am I reading this right -- are they saying we ..."
Sep 16, 2007
"I think that for an SVR the analysis of tx and sides becomes less personal more theoretical once the virus is gone - (not including the always entertaining analysis of whether it is in fact it is I guess what I mean goes back t..."
Sep 15, 2007
"We dont have too many left to do - my own 1020s needs to be in by Monday but it is pretty much done. This year was somewhat easier, compared to last year especially. Thanks for the kind words. Always nice to hear from you. I do..."
Sep 14, 2007
"It has taken me a while - 14 or 15 months post tx to realize that I have simply traded one set of symptoms for an entirely new set. The disconcerting aspect of this is that at least with the old set I kind knew why things were happening..."